Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Unasked Questions for George W. Bush

Copyright-free questions for journalists with intellectual curiosity.

1. What is God?
2. Do you feel more manly after having caused the deaths of actual human beings?
3. How many do you estimate have died because of your choices?
4. What is your opinion of Kenneth Lay?
5. Where does "Truth" rank in your order of priorities?
6. Will you, now, tell Republicans to seek and speak the truth at all costs?
7. If your daughter was raped by Willie Horton, would you insist that she marry a homosexual?
8. What do you think of trick questions?
9. Does omnipresence abnegate attribute, or is it the other way around?
10. Why does everyone think you suck?
11. Are you embarrassed that all your bombing and shock and awe has greatly increased global warming, and that millions of species will become extinct because of your infantile need to prove you are a big man?
12. Could you have survived Andover, Yale or Harvard B-School if your daddy was just an ordinary schmoe?
13. What would you have thought, felt, and said, if the Supreme Court had handed it to Gore?
14. Prior to 9/11, what was your opinion of New York? California?
15. Did you ever feel glad that California was going through blackouts while Enron was raking it in?